1. What is IICRC?

IICRC is a standard-setting body and certification registry that develops and monitors educational programs and standards for the inspection, cleaning and disaster restoration industries.

2. Why was IICRC formed?

IICRC was formed in 1972 to serve as an independent, non-profit certification body, to set and promote high standards and ethics; and to advance communication and technical proficiency within the inspection, cleaning and disaster restoration service industries.

3. Who owns IICRC? How does that translate into votes on the Board of Directors?

IICRC is owned by fifteen regional, national and international non-profit trade associations and three original founders own stock in IICRC. Each entity owns a block of 500 shares and has one vote on the Board of Directors. No one has controlling interest.

4. How many members do you have?

This is a common misconception. Our shareholder associations have members; however, IICRC has no “members.” It has registered technicians, or “registrants.” Currently, IICRC represents more than 5,700 Certified Firms and over 54,000 Certified Technicians in 22

5. How does certification benefit consumers?

Consumers have assurance that when they hire IICRC-Certified firms or technicians, they have hired experts who will provide reasonable assurance that work will be completed in accordance with the industry’s “standard of care.”

6. How many certified firms does IICRC have?

IICRC currently has some 5,700 Certified Firms.

7. Who makes up the IICRC executive committee? How are they selected?

The board of directors elects the seven-member Executive Committee of IICRC and committee members serve as officers of the corporation. All are volunteer positions, with the exception of a paid-president.

8. How do I know a company is Certified by IICRC?

Every firm that has been approved and certified by IICRC is added to our database. You can click on the Locate a Pro section to find All Clean in the IICRC database.