Our tile cleaning uses a 10 step cleaning process for optimal soil, spot, residue and moisture removal, using the most advanced cleaning systems on the market.

Our Tile Cleaning Process


walkthrough to identify potential problem areas and evaluate expected results

Remove dry soil using a commercial  HEPA filtration vacuum, a critical step to maximize overall cleaning performance

A pre-conditioner is applied to emulsify and suspend soils and general spots

Specialty treatments are used to aid in removal of stubborn spots (i.e. wine, coffee, urine, ink etc.)

A light brushing of tile and grout to help loosen soiling

A special edging tool is used to clean in corners, along walls and doorways

A thorough soil rinse process using the most advanced extraction systems that don’t leave sticky residues or over wet tile

Extra dry passes are used to remove remaining moisture and fans are applied as needed to aid in drying times

Any remaining spots will be given additional attention using specially formulated treatments

A grout and or tile sealant is added for protection against future soiling



Our goal is to satisfy our clients, that's why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason our clients are dissatisfied we will return as soon as possible and re-clean to satisfaction.